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xbm-life: Graphical implementation of the Game of Life for Emacs


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An implementation of Conway's Game of Life using Emacs' support for XBM images. Requires a graphical Emacs instance to run.


Install from MELPA (Stable) via M-x package-install RET xbm-life RET.

Alternatively download the xbm-life.el file, open it in Emacs and execute M-x eval-buffer.


Run M-x xbm-life for the demo. You can run multiple (mostly) independent demos along each other by either renaming an existing one with M-x rename-buffer and running M-x xbm-life for an additional one or by perusing C-u M-x xbm-life to give the one you launch a different name. The timer is global however, therefore all spawned demos run the same speed and get paused/unpaused at the same time.

You can get an idea of the current details of the demo by taking a closer look at the modeline where key indicators (such as grid size, tile size, etc.) are displayed.

Below is a list of useful keybindings for playing around.

Key bind Function
l Load pattern
L Load random pattern
g Reset
r Randomize
p, SPC Toggle play/pause
. Advance by a single generation
+, - Speed up/down
M-+, M-- Make tiles larger/smaller
C-+, C-- Make grid larger/smaller
t Toggle wraparound
i Invert colors
<mouse-1> Toggle cell
q Bury buffer


Use M-x customize-group RET xbm-life RET for a comprehensive overview. Most items listed there influence defaults, such as the colors used for rendering, the initial pattern and many more.