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2164 dial.el
13131 eyebrowse.el
3157 flipbook.el
2949 helm-fkeys.el
3013 pdata.el
21931 svg-2048.el
6181 svg-animation-demo.el
5384 vivid-rodent.el

1. Requirements

I expect you to use Emacs 24.3 and to have dash.el installed already

2. Examples

2.1. vivid-rodent.el

  • Open vivid-rodent.el, hit M-x eval-buffer
  • Hit M-x vivid-rodent, move the mouse around in the buffer that popped up, click to save the color code

2.2. flipbook.el

  • Open flipbook.el, adjust flipbook-format-string to an existing path to the frames you want to play back (first line)
  • Hit M-x eval-buffer, then M-x flipbook
  • Hit p to play or pause, adjust playback with < and >
  • Hit h for more bindings

2.3. svg-2048.el

  • Open svg-2048.el, hit M-x eval-buffer
  • Hit M-x svg-2048 and play for a bit

2.4. svg-animation-demo.el

  • Open pdata.el, hit M-x eval-buffer
  • Open svg-animation-demo.el, hit M-x eval-buffer
  • Hit M-x svg-animation-demo, hit p to move back and forth

2.5. bleeps

  • Make sure you have everything set up for Clojure development in Emacs (CIDER and its dependencies need to be installed in Emacs, Leiningen needs to be installed on your system) and have the supercollider package installed via your system's package manager
  • Run lein deps in code/bleeps to fetch all dependencies of this Clojure project
  • Set up JACK (pasuspender -- jackd -r -d alsa works on my Pulseaudio system)
  • Open bleeps/src/bleeps/core.clj, hit C-c M-j to attach a REPL
  • Evaluate all top-level forms in bleeps/src/bleeps/core.clj with C-M-x, starting from the first and going until the last one
  • Switch to the project namespace in the REPL with either C-c M-n or (ns bleeps.core)
  • Try playing some sounds in the REPL with something like (coin-block)

2.6. dial.el

  • Open dial.el, hit M-x eval-buffer
  • If you rather want to dial DTMF tones, evaluate the first dial-mode-alist form, otherwise the second one
  • Hit M-x dial, then hit the keys mapped by the dial-mode-alist form you've evaluated

2.7. helm-fkeys.el

  • Open helm-fkeys.el, hit M-x eval-buffer
  • Evaluate the code that was commented out
  • Hit F1 and demonstrate the shiny menu popping up

2.8. eyebrowse.el

  • Open eyebrowse.el, hit M-x eval-buffer
  • Enable with M-x eyebrowse-mode
  • Enable shorthand with M-: (eyebrowse-setup-opinionated-keys)
  • Switch window configurations with M-1..M-9, change them, switch back