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teapub: EPUB viewer using CHICKEN and webkit


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A simple EPUB viewer based on the webkit egg.


This requires the unzip command to be on PATH. Other than that, the webkitgtk library must be available for the webkit egg to install. Finally, execute chicken-install in the Git checkout.



After opening a document, you can scroll with the usual keys (SPC, S-SPC, <up>, <down>, <pgup>, <pgdown>, etc.), switch to the previous/next chapter with p and n and quit the viewer with either q or ESC. SPC has been overloaded to switch to the next chapter when at the bottom of the current one.

To use a custom stylesheet, copy a style.css to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/teapub/ or ~/.config/teapub/.


Q: When I open an epub file, I see a window with the cover thumbnail open. Shortly after the viewer quits for no apparent reason. What's going on here?

A: This is a focus bug in the webkit egg. For yet unknown reasons the webkit egg does run a watchdog that (among other things) periodically checks how many top-level windows are visible and kills the application after failing to find any. Incidentally, if you open a window with it and immediately steal its focus, it cannot see that top-level window and therefore quits the viewer.

I wrote a small patch that removes this hack in favor of linking application exit to window deletion which hasn't made it upstream yet. If you're interested in it, I could publish my forked version of the egg.

Q: When I exit the viewer, I see messages about a segfault in the finalizer. Is this normal?

A: This appears to be another bug in the webkit egg. Despite the segfault messages, the finalizers are run successfully, so ignore these for now until the bug has been fixed.

Q: How do I debug the viewer?

A: For the sake of convenience, the debugging tools have been enabled and are available in the context menu. Open the inspector for tweaking the CSS and executing JavaScript.