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I've been at FrOSCon 2013 for the Quasiconf subconference and was pretty impressed by the talks given. However Moritz Heidkamp, its organizer, told me there would most likely not be a Quasiconf 2014 considering the effort to recruit speakers and that he wouldn't be able to organize it next year. Therefore I decided to hold a talk at FrOSCon 2014 but didn't know what topic to choose.

In June 2014 Falko Riemenschneider took over the organization position. I contacted him and decided on a whim to hold a talk about Emacs Lisp because it's been the only Lisp dialect I've spent a substantial amount of time with and felt confident in sharing my knowledge about. However I didn't want to talk about its technical merits and rather demonstrate its possibilities as I've had the impression too little of its users spend their time learning and using it for practical purposes. Another thing I've noticed was that there is a good amount of problems to solve with Emacs itself, so I decided to combine both issues and tackle the talk from a recruitment- and marketing-oriented perspective.

Unfortunately there are no recordings of the talk itself, whish is why I've bundled up the slides and the code used for the demonstrations with another file. Add a tiny bit of rants about unfixed things within Emacs and you should be able to recreate it yourself easily. Happy hacking!