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lisplog: Log of all Liberapay-related work so far


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2 2022

2.1 2022-04

  • Ported the irc egg to C5
  • Fixed #1754 for the sandbox egg and extended the test suite to catch that error
  • Ported vandusen to C5
  • Added more missing cases to flymake-chicken.el
    • Syntax error for missing (import (chicken condition))
    • Syntax error for unknown imports
    • Syntax error for malformed let
  • Answered an old Scheme question on Stackoverflow:
  • Released nov.el 0.4.0
    • Minimum Emacs version bumped to 25.1
      • dom.el is used instead of esxml node accessors
      • seq.el is used instead of dash.el
    • Helpful error is raised if no unzip program has been found
    • Target handling has been fixed (again)
    • Buttons now have a dedicated map and nov.el keys are preferred
    • A menu has been added
    • The nav item check has been made more robust
  • Improved my emacsclient reimplementation to no longer block on error
  • Improved the sxpath tool to support raw output and stripping namespaces
  • Updated the Emacs timeline for Emacs 28.1
  • Published my GIMP Scheme hacking so far:

2.2 2022-03

2.3 2022-02

2.4 2022-01

3 2021

3.1 2021-12

  • Collaborated with Mario Goulart to make pastiche ( block spam better:
  • Played Advent of Code 2021 using Emacs Lisp and gave up midway
  • Split the nov.el keymap into a global and button one to avoid a bug with the menu bar

3.2 2021-11

3.3 2021-09

  • Started work on an Emacs Lisp version of pl0c:
  • Released taglib 0.2.5:
    • Resolves a broken record printer (it always errored out because of me not fully understanding the C++ instance wrapper pattern, now it doesn't)
    • Introduces the path backing a taglib-file record in the record printer and audio property/properties
  • Report a bug for tabular to handle headers correctly (#1786)
  • Figure out how to make the openssl egg work on CentOS 7:
    • Clarification of the changelog item for 2.0.3
  • Redeployed Heroku-based elisp playground to use latest Emacs buildpack and Emacs 27.2
  • Forked SRFI-66 to ensure it uses SRFI-4 vectors internally:
  • Fixed depp's README detection to pick up and before other README files
  • Fixed cl deprecation warnings in sr-speedbar:

3.4 2021-08

3.5 2021-07

  • openssl 2.2.4 released to fix a serious file-cipher/file-digest bug
  • image-dimensions 1.0.1 released to fix tests on mingw64-msys2
  • kiwi 1.0.1 released to fix salmonella test failures
  • stfl 1.1 released to fix BSD and Debian 9 salmonella build failures
  • taglib 0.2.4 released to use taglib-config instead of pkg-config
  • breadline 0.10 released to support syntax highlighting
  • SRFI-203 and SRFI-216 have been ported and added to the coop
  • Wrote a cairo feature detection patch for Kooda's cairo egg
  • Missing egg documentation ported from C4 to C5 pages:
    • alist-lib
    • cluckcheck
    • define-record-and-printer
    • heap-o-rama
    • hmac
    • levenshtein
    • monad
    • pathname-expand
    • plot
    • r6rs-bytevectors
    • stemmer
    • tokyocabinet
    • yaml