What is this?

This is a collection of software I wrote. It can be accessed via Git and a basic web UI created by a custom static site generator.

Why did you do this?

Services like GitHub sure are popular, but have a downside that keeps bothering me: High visibility. Compared to projects where communication is done via email and patches, the overall quality of issues and pull requests is considerably lower and the workflow far more exhausting. Issue trackers don't help either, it's harder to keep one clean than maintaining an inbox zero. For this reason I've looked for solutions to self-host my own code and ended up writing my own for the heck of it.

There's of course many other reasons to dislike popular Git hosting services, such as them being a single point of failure, ownership by big companies and poor (web) performance. If I ever go back to someone else's solution, I might end up picking Sourcehut as it neatly addresses all of these points.

Where can I ask / discuss / comment on questions?

Try IRC for less formal communication (I go by wasamasa on Libera).

How do I report an issue?

Send me an email. If you don't know to which address, execute the following in a repository checkout: git log.

How do I create a pull request?

Send me a patch instead. Here's how to create one:

$ git clone https://depp.brause.cc/<repo>.git && cd <repo>
$ vi stuff
$ git add stuff
$ git commit -m "Fix stuff"
$ git format-patch HEAD^1

The generated file is now ready to be sent via email. Alternatively, if you have git send-email configured, use that.

How do I favorite/fork a repository?

Create a bookmark in your browser. For something more permanent, try a git clone of the repo in question. You can now push it to your own Git server, commit your own changes and more!