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cssfuscator: CHICKEN Scheme tool for turning images into CSS


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cssfuscator transforms an input image into CSS (and a bit of HTML5). See my blog post on it for more details.


-i, --input
Input image file name. Required argument.

-o, --output
Output file name. Required argument.

-u, --unit
Unit used for coordinates. Default: "px". See MDN for recognized units. Use "em" for scalable output.

-s, --scale
Scaling factor for coordinates and pixels. Default: 1. Factors may be floating point numbers.

HTML title as used in generated HTML output. Default: "Image".

CSS ID as used in generated HTML and CSS output. Default: "image".

-O, --optimize
Enable basic optimizations. This attempts representing coordinates in integer instead of floating point and hex color codes in the #XYZ instead of #XXYYZZ form.

Stylesheet name. Default: "style.css". Only meaningful in combination with --stylesheet=split.

Mode of stylesheet generation. Default: "embed". Allowed values: "embed" (embed CSS in a HTML output file), "split" (generate both a CSS and HTML file, with stylesheet-name specifying the file name of the CSS file), "only" (generate only a CSS file). The --output option specifies the respective file names.

Attempt converting an animated GIF into a CSS animation.

-h, --help
Display the abbreviated usage.


It's possible to arrange square blocks of a fixed size in any color by using the box-shadow property repeatedly on a <div>. This allows one to display any bitmap image.


The resulting images are huge (preliminary tests show factors between 20x and 2000x for the generated CSS). The --optimize switch attempts to lessen the impact, but doesn't really help. Consider hosting the CSS in a separate file for caching and serving it in compressed form.

Transparency support is very basic. A fully transparent pixel is simply omitted, for anything else the transparency is simply ignored.

Animated GIF support is rather basic at the moment and will hopefully allow for more customization soon.